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The Telecom Company is proud to offer residential internet with speeds up to 10 gigs—some of the fastest home internet connections in the nation.

250 MBPS

Rates starting at



Rates starting at



Rates starting at


Additional $30 Utopia Connection Fee may apply.


Home Phone

Stay connected with your loved ones.


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Managed WiFi for the home.

Why You’ll Love The Telecom Company

Reliable home internet and phone services that you can trust—with straightforward pricing.

Home Internet

Whether you’re working from home, or using the internet for streaming video or gaming, a fast and reliable broadband connection is imperative.

It’s even more crucial when there are multiple devices connected simultaneously.

The Telecom Company offers some of the fastest residential internet connections available in the United States, up to a whopping 10GBPS!

Our residential internet options include:

  • 250mbps at $30/month
  • 1gbps at $40/month
  • 10gbps at $150/month

Our home internet connections are fully symmetrical, so you can expect the same upload and download speeds. If anyone in your household works from home, or streams content online, symmetrical bandwidth makes a huge difference.

Get connected today—call us at (833) 871-4441 or click the button below to learn more.

Home Phone

The Telecom Company is committed to bridging the digital divide. At the core of this commitment is a vested interest in offering reliable, affordable connectivity.

For a flat monthly rate of $8/line per month, we offer crystal clear residential phone services with a wide array of features, including caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding.

Residential Services

Ultra-Fast Speeds and Reliability Where You Need It Most

From WiFi to Home Phone Services — we’re here to keep you and your loved ones connected.


Stream your favorite content across all of your compatible devices when you bundle DIRECTV STREAM with a fast, secure and reliable internet connection from The Telecom Company. Learn More.

Home Internet

In the work-from-home economy, reliable broadband is crucial. With ultra-fast fiber internet options, you can say goodbye to buffering.

Home Phone

Our phone solutions leverage advanced VoIP technology, no clunky phone lines required. Bring your existing phone number, or get a new one from us.

Home WiFI

Connectivity across every inch of your property—and even outdoor space—is no longer a luxury. Our WiFi solutions will blanket your home end-to-end.

Residential Broadband

Unhappy With Your Current ISP?

Take our free, comprehensive internet speed test below — no contact information or commitment required.

Then, give us a call at (833) 871-4441 or click the get started button below, and a home internet specialist will reach out about faster, more reliable speeds. If you’re stuck in a contract, ask about our current buyout promotions.

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